Nudity and the craft

-The power of loving the skin you’re in-

If you follow me on any of my socials (@eron_mazza84_on IG if you wanna give me a follow) I am shirtless in about 98-99% of them (and chances are I’m 99% naked in those pics!). This simple thing has gotten me a few jeers and laughs from a few of my followers which does nothing to me but make me post those variety of selfies more often. I see this kind of ridicule as body shaming, at the same time, I’ve been known to moderate comments that have been “too appreciative” a.k.a. to lewd. These actions come from my own beliefs that the human form is over sexualized, either to excesses or restrained to the point of shaming and condemning those who show “to much skin.” I made a smaller post in the past on my instagram about our bodies being the ultimate magical tool, consider this an unabridged version of that post! if you want to head over to my IG and give it a read, then by all means or I can send it to you via IG messenger as well!

I’ve experienced this variety of shame the most in witchcraft/pagan/spiritual circles, 1 time I had a person, who lived in the same city as me, was in the same metaphysical study group as me, tell me I should only post shirtless selfies with “consent.” (How does that even work?) This mentality about the naked human form being something to hide or be ashamed of is a hold over, I believe, of Christian puritanical thought that this nation was founded upon, the same mentality that endorsed owning slaves, justified stealing land from Native Americans (manifest destiny) and has been used to suppress countless other minorities in this country. The root of a lot of organized religion is control and maintenance of the statuesque of those who are in power.

To me the naked human form is purest form of expression of freedom. According to Wikipedia, the practice of the witch doing their work naked was only portrayed only in the visual arts. The modern practice of being “Skyclad” was either attributed to Charles Godfrey Leland’s “Aradia, or the gospel of the witches” or Gerald Gardener which is why a lot go Gardnerian and Aradian covens practice this practice. One of the passages being refereed to from “Aradia”

”And as a sign that you are truly free, ye shall be naked in your rites, both men & women; this shall last until the last of your oppressors is dead”

We see here that in this context that again, nudity is a symbol of freedom and power, not promiscuity. I am in no way saying that sexual expression isn’t powerful, I’m saying that its not the ONLY power that comes with a state of being unclothed and unfettered.

The naked human form is a symbol of powerful innocence, of having nothing to hide and not being ashamed of and embracing your power. Now a days a lot of people (myself included) live under the trauma of societal standards and negative childhood programming and we are taught to be ashamed of the skin we are in and to deny the power that comes with it. We live disconnected from ourselves. I am working on this and have been working on deprograming all of this so I can step into this power. I know this is going to be a life-long process but the feeling of power and freedom that comes with it is worth it.

I am not saying we should all walk around the supermarket naked and hangout at the park in our birthday suits, (I’m not opposed to getting to that point either) I’m saying that we shouldn’t hide our power and our sovereignty. this goes for everyone, not just those who practice the craft.

My challenge for you in the beginning of this coming year is to start the process of moving into that freedom. Do this: stand in front of a mirror, completely naked (if comfortable) or clothed to start this process, look yourself in the eyes, and give yourselves affirmations of power and love. Embrace your body where it is at now and grow from there. Progressively wear less and less till your bare truth is looking you in the eye and you can look at it without feeling ashamed. Go at your own pace. It can take as many days, weeks, months or even years as you like. A body is powerful no matter the shape and form of it.

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