Thoughts on Christmas

my personal reflections on the seasonal celebrations.

As I set at my desk/altar writing this post the world outside is preparing to do the yearly ritual of exchanging gifts, eating a ton of food, and spending time with families. We should pause and take a moment to reflect upon the “reason for the season” (if you will allow me to use this tired and misused phrase.) and i’ll be forward and saying no, it’s not Jesus. “Christmas” is nothing more than a Christian glazing over of centuries of other cultures celebrations and observations, A homogenizing of cultures, which is the typical Modus operandi of the dominant mythology that dominates the landscape of the world. ( I guess its a little late to warn you that this post may come off a little “ranty” )

What really set me off to make this post was a post by my partner’s mother in which she posted a picture of the beautifully decorated Christmas tree with the caption that said “Jesus is the reason for the season!” Sadly, my partner wouldn’t let me add a comment on the photo that said “and here I always thought it was the tilt of the earth. “ , in that moment, I experienced all the pain and shame I was forced to live under as a secretly queer child/teenager/young adult, having to live in the personal hell thinking that something was wrong with me. Being forced to live in a world of hard and fast lines that could not and would not bend. I had to compromise something that made me unique. But that’s what seems to happen when organized religion culturally invades a persons mind, heart or community isn’t it?

Over the centuries, anywhere the Abrahamic religions have spread there has been an annihilation of cultural connections to spirits ,rituals and magick. I used the word homogenizing earlier because, in my opinion that’s what it is. One of the definitions of “homogenize” is “ to make uniform in structure or composition throughout.” The reason the phrase “Jesus is the reason for the season” bothers me so much is that it kind of encapsulates the erasure that has occurred over the centuries at the hands of the church.

I could turn this into a quite lengthy post about some of the different customs (that we know of) That have been suppressed, but that information is widely available in books, podcasts and articles this time of year. I encourage you to have a look at a few, better yet, if you have knowledge of your family heritage, look into that culture’s customs, if its more then one-pick one.

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