Reflections on Witchcraft activism.

My thoughts on the conversation with David Salisbury

If you’ll recall from my 2nd episode, I spoke with my buddy, David Salisbury, about activism and the craft. It was beautiful conversation, but one of the things that really stood out to me was his stance on witches being involved with political and ethical is- sues and realizing I have a different point of view, at least in terms of what it looks like to be an activist and Witch.

I believe that to be passionate about a cause, be it political or ethical one doesn’t necessarily need to be as direct as marching on a picket line with signs and stuff, your activism can look like writing a letter to a elected official , being mindful of where your purchase your groceries or clothing or items that bring you joy. Where are they sourced? What are the companies philosophies and ethical stances on human rights, and the environment ? What are the working conditions in which these things are produced? When you make a purchase from a company, you give that company a little bit of your power and you consent to the stances this company takes on various issues.

Some of you will Say “Eron, that sounds like A LOT of research and footwork”, it’s as easy as surfing the web. I’m not asking you to research everything in your house from top to bottom-no- I am challenging you to pick 3 things in your home, be it food or drink or your favorite sweater look into where AND how it is made. How does the company treat it’s labor? How does it treat the environment it’s in? Where is the companies money going? (Some companies give A LOT of money to corrupt political issues that harm people and the environment.) doing these things right here folks, is activism. If the company goes against your personal ethos, you put your money somewhere else. Take away your consent to destroy the environment and harm people. Let your mag ick follow the same path as your heart. ❤

by the way, here’s the cover to the book me and David talked about!-Cheers folks!🧙🏼

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