My review for “Crystal magic for the Modern witch”

By Devin Hunter I know it’s been a minute since I’ve posted here folks, but I’ve been busy with a new job, new house and a book! My apologies! Without further delay… I offer this review as my apology….. I received this book worried that Mr. Hunter wasn’t going to be able to serve what […]

Anatomy of a witch Oracle

By Laura Tempest Zakroff Anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE card decks, even if I don’t use them very often , I am a professional Lenormand reader after all, so I buy some decks for 2 reasons, to use in my private practice & enrich my life or they are simply a work of […]

Falling through the Tree of life

By Jane Meredith I have obviously been on a Qabalah kick lately, with my last review my Enfys’ latest book, “Queer Qubalah”, and I’ve also been reading this wonderful book “Falling through the Tree of life” by Jane Meredith. What makes this book cool, is that it gives you a “experiential definition”of each Sephirot. I […]

My Review for “Queer Qabala” by Enfys Book

I am blessed to be alive in a time when queer spirituality is showing out loud and proud! With books like “ The Satyrs’ kiss“ by Storm Faerywolf and “Queer Magic” by Tomàs Prower , those of us who are of the “Rainbow path” we have quite a few choices! And now we have another […]

My review for “Tarot for real life” by Jack Chanek

As someone who is solely a Lenormand reader, this book was interesting to pick up as I know VERY little about reading Tarot and was expecting all kinds of deep, unapproachable, Jungian Mumbo jumbo as I have encountered in other tarot books throughout the years. Not to make fun of those books, but they are […]

Review for “The Satyr’s kiss”

By Storm Faerywolf I can say that I have (almost) read every book by this author and throughout everyone of his book I have noticed his ability to paint a picture with words that is 2nd to none & this book is another masterful brushstroke in that beautiful painting. The book is divided into 2 […]

Review for “Kundalini Energy”, By Shannon Yrizarry

This was another book I, admittedly, had my reservations about as I perceived anything that has to do with it as “too complicated” for me to get a grasp on. Enter the author ,Shannon Yrizarry, who has taken this magical topic and made it palatable those who are just beginning their journey into the topic […]

Book review for “Seeking Faery” By Emily Carding

The first thing that got my attention right off the bat, was the amazing art by Siolo Thompson (@siolothompson on IG). It was the veritable finger wag that told me “come closer, have a peek” and “peek” I did & I can honestly say, I don’t regret it. I am usually very leery of anything […]

Eron Recommends books catch up post!

If you listen to my podcast, “The Witching Hour with Eron Mazza”, which you can find here, [], I always have a “Eron recommends” book from the author or creator I am interviewing. I had every intention of following that up with A blog post plus a reflection of my conversation with the author. But […]


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